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Welcome to Kamada Park, established in 2006 and located on the outskirts of Palmerston North right in the heart of the Central Districts Racing Hub.

The property is comprised of 110 acres of well cared for facilities and pasture, a mix of various sized paddocks provides the perfect environment for your horse to rest, recuperate and develop to their maximum potential.

A spacious 6-bay walker onsite allows for fitness work and assist in successful rehabilitation programmes. A large purpose built round yard and all weather arena are essential to the breaking in and pre training sector of the property

A combination of Magnum Hot Top Horserail and Magnum Hot Cote Electrifiable Wire Fencing is used throughout the property to ensure the safety of all horses.

The newest edition to the complex is the state of the art drop down box and theater, allowing for both open and closed castrations to be undertaken onsite, 3 post-operative stalls adjoin the theater to allow for optimum care. We also have four spacious stables separate from the busy part of the farm allow for quiet rehabilitation of various injuries.

Tru-test weigh scales are utilised regularly to monitor weight gain during your horses stay.

Horses are able to graze separately or in groups upon your request. Herd sizes can vary from 2 upwards, while agisting horses are checked twice daily with CEO Anna Swainson living onsite allowing for your mind to be at ease knowing your horse will be well looked after.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, all prices and services are provided on our website www.kamadapark.co.nz.

Our Staff

Kevin Pratt
Kevin PrattOwner

Kamada Park is owned by Kevin Pratt, a Kiwi living in Wisemans Ferry just out of Sydney. Kevin and his family had no interest in racing until 8 years ago when Kevin’s younger sister Brenda was seriously ill and her husband Brent Taylor had a passion for thoroughbred racing. Kevin and his wife Margaret decided to purchase a racehorse for Brenda to cheer her up. “Our very first horse purchased was King Kamada (which Brenda named). He won a race at Trentham just one week before she passed away. Just seeing the joy on her face that day,  the thrill of seeing the thoroughbreds running, and meeting the people associated with the industry was enough for us to say “let’s really get into this sport”.

Rosy Pratt
Rosy PrattCEO

At Kamada Park



Kamada Park

522 Napier Road, Whakarongo 4470, New Zealand

Rosy Pratt: 027 2788 317



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